About Stephanie

Founder of Awaken Your Power

I know what it is like to have reached a point where you have had enough of your current life situation and just want to be free to be your most authentic self! I know what it is like to be stuck in patterns and habits that don’t serve you. I also know what it is like to know that you are capable of so much more! 

There is often so much noise going on inside you but in the stillness and silence, your soul whispers  there is so much more than this current reality, and it compels you to go within and make a change. I remember feeling this way but just not knowing where to start. Perhaps you feel that to?

Before I truly understood the power we have within us, I used to settle for little and tolerate a lot. I used to choose others and unchoose myself. I used to look outside of me for love and validation instead of turning within. 

I had such low self worth, I believed that I deserved all the pain and suffering. I often told myself nothing would ever change. As a result of my negative belief system, I allowed myself to be mistreated, used and abused to no end. I was stuck in the habit of people pleasing, over giving and forever trying to save people around me so they wouldn’t suffer. But I never acknowledged my own suffering. Little did I realise then, that I was my own worst enemy and was perpetuating my own pain by living from a fear-based consciousness. 

I was stuck wearing masks so everyone would “like me”, validate me, and approve of me, rather than me approving and loving myself. I strived tirelessly to be perfect and be accepted in the hope that others would finally recognise my worth. My life was a roller coaster of challenges, emptiness, self-loathing and I felt like I was drowning, trying to survive day by day. I surrounded myself with people, places or situations that didn’t serve my highest good because I was so scared to be alone.

Then I hit a wall, mentally and emotionally and decided something HAD TO CHANGE!  I decided that I would stop waiting for the world to show up for me and instead I made the life changing decision to SHOW UP FOR MYSELF! 

In 2015, after a significant relationship ended, something profound shifted, and I started to invest in my inner world. I became very interested in personal and spiritual development and recognised the power to improve your life is WITHIN! It was then that I decided to nurture my self in mind, body and soul and start the journey home. I not only started to care and look after myself, I also started to look inwards at the patterns and programs that were causing me to keep circulating in chaos and slowly I began to awaken my inner power and become the woman I always dreamt of being.

In 2019 I made a decision to go deeper and break new ground inwardly and discover what my passion and purpose was. I studied to become a Globally certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™  which took me on a journey unlike any other. I cracked through my conditioning, broke free of patterns, beliefs and stories that no longer served me and learnt that we are so much powerful than we know. CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™ helped change my life and guided me to connect with my inner world and start to show up to myself in a whole new way, a way that was framed with love for both my shadow and light, my struggles and my strengths, my wisdom and my wounds. I came away from this course transformed and ready to offer deep guidance to others who are also on this path to wholeness within. 

After working on myself, I started to BELIEVE in my DIVINE WORTH AND INNER POWER and started to show up to myself in a whole new light. Self-Love wasn’t just a face mask anymore it was a wave of love coming from the inside, out. I began to heal the wounds and showed up to serve my soul and embodying my highest self was no dream anymore. I now show up to myself with awareness, and compassion and am living a life that is in alignment with my true authentic self.


The truth is, we have the power and magic within us all along, we just need to be shown how to awaken it! Hence why I am now so deeply passionate and committed to walking other women home to their inner divine self. It brings me tremendous joy to support other to also experience the depth of inner love, faith, empowerment and joy that comes from recognising your own innate worth and wisdom. 

I just want the world to know that once you start showing up to YOU your life will begin to change from the inside, out!

If you are ready to journey within, I would be honoured to help you connect with your inner world, break free of what is holding you back and bring LOVE & JOY into your life.