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"Once you show up to you, your life will start to change from the inside - out."
Steph Murdoch

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Are you yearning for change?

Are you thirsty for something different but you don't know where to start?

Are you ready to create and cultivate the life you truly want to live?


Until we start to show up for ourself and learn how to connect with our inner world the journey to FREEDOM remains this far away destination, out of reach and unrealistic. Well I am here to tell you it can happen, it is realistic and it is closer than you think.


Everything starts with YOU!


AWAKEN the POWER within YOU and start living an empowered, authentic and a soul aligned life NOW, in this present moment.

WORK WITH ME to unravel what is holding you back from exactly that and FREE your HEART and allow your SOUL to shine!

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Client Love

Meditation by the Sea
Kaitlyn R.

I honestly had no idea what to expect. I was at a huge changing milestone in my life and thought it would be something good to try. You could say I was kind of a negative person and trying to fix that. I am so lucky to have had Stephanie as a coach. I always looked forward to our sessions together and I feel like we have created a special bond.


She has been so amazing and helped me on my journey so much that I am so thankful to have met her. Steph was able to show me new ways of using my consciousness I never even new were possible. She helped me turn all of my negative emotions and situations into positives by shifting my mindset.


Things that would have upset me, made me so angry or triggered me three months ago, have taught me to see the positives in those situations. I think about things more in depth and believe it or not, I think before I speak now too😉.


The past three months have been life changing. Some days more challenging than others but I have been able to see myself grow so much and it has been a powerful journey. Thank you so much to Steph who has helped me along the way and provided me with lifelong tools to use! ❤️ If you are thinking about working with Steph, I highly recommend it! 

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Kirsten A.

I actually feel like summing up my experience with Steph is just not simply possible in a testimonial. How can one write a few sentences about being brought back to life, back to being present, back to feeling your feelings? Back to your inner knowing, your truth, simply back to being aligned with your soul.


I look back at the transformation that’s taken place and the changes that I have made are incredible, I quit my job, I now own my business, earning more money than I ever thought was possible, working less hours, in an industry that I’ve never worked in.


I’ve started writing, before this was more a dream, a dream that I had never spoken to anyone about. I’ve even sent my work off to publishers! CRAZY to think a year ago I had never even spoken of this passion to anyone. Well at least I did when I was a young girl... We’ve started renovating our house something that was at standstill for years. My husband and I have started our family Locksmith business, 10 years in the works and now it’s off.


I feel like I’ve watched my outer world dramatically change, it’s like it’s mimicked what’s happening within. So I want to say thank-you Steph from the bottom of my heart for holding my hand while I walked myself back home.

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Sharon M.

From the time I had my first session with Stephanie, she made me feel so heard and loved.

I felt safe to share the thoughts I had and she helped me dive deeper into them and sort it all out. The actions were doable and I always finished feeling like a weight had been lifted.


Stephanie has helped realise the inner child I have in me needs to be broken get attention and be loved and cherished.

Thanks Stephanie X